Educational Activities

Promotion of Educational activities by supporting needy students of school, college, technical institutions by way of scholarships, books, uniforms, boarding fees etc.

  1. Paying whole or part of educational costs of deserving students.
  2. Giving loans to deserving students on easy terms as the trustees may decide from time to time.
  3. Opening, running and helping School, Colleges, Madressas, Boarding Houses, Hostels and other Educational Institutions.

Islamic Literature
Print &/ or publish islamic books, journals, magazines write ups or any kind of print material on islamic literature, literature concerning books on Shia Ithna Ashari faith & Shia Ithna Ashari sect of muslims community, to conduct seminars, workshops, conferences undertaking the islamic issues & issues of community welfare.
T.V Channels
Through satellite medium or otherwise, community radio, publish Islamic material on e-media C.D / DVD etc or any other medium of communication prevailing or available to issue / distribute free of cost or otherwise stickers, DVDs / CDS etc carrying / containing teachings of Islam as per the teachings of Jafari school of Fiqh.
Niyaz Arrangments
Organizing feast-meals (Niyaz) for the participants in remembrance of the sacrifice of Imam Husain (a.s) in the month of Muharram, Safar & Rabiul Awwal & other dates of importance during the year.
Muharram Activity
To Arrange drinking water stands- Sabil on the road side at Imamwada road and / or at any such other place in the month of Muharram for 40 days from 1st day of month of Muharram of Hijri Calendar, for common public.
General Activity

  1. Grant of Medical relief and help to poor and deserving patients by providing moneys to them for medicines, medical treatment, operation or post operation treatment blood transfusion etc
  2. Grants, endowments and donations to help and support the funds, institutions, maternity homes, hospital, dispensaries providing medical relief to patients, convalescence homes, asylums, nursing home, sanatoriums;
  3. Opening and running medical centers, diagnosing clinics, pathological clinics, X-ray centers and research laboratories:
  4. Spreading necessary medical information and publishing literatures or pamphlets of general improvement of health conditions.
  5. Supplying to needy persons articles of food, clothing and other necessities free of charge or a subsidized rates and or cash to enable them to purchase the same or give them. monthly allowance and or lump sum in cash;
  6. Opening and running homes for the elders, homes for widows, widowers, persons desiring to remain unmarried for life, orphanages, etc.
  7. To arrange for burials with the provision of Kafan for the poor Muslims.