Why Civil Services

Civil Services Examination, conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year, is an examination to select candidates for various government posts at administrative and implementation level, like Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, Indian Police Service (IPS), etc. 

The examination has continued to attract lakhs of aspirants from various backgrounds of education despite growth in other job avenues. 

However, every year the success rate in the examination among the Muslim community has been dismal and disappointing. On an average, only 3% of Muslims have cleared the civil Services Examination in the last few years. Considering the Muslim population, this fraction is very small.

Why civil services?

Though a commonly asked question, it is very important to understand how/why becoming a civil servant is crucial as an individual as well as at community level.

 As an individual:

  • It is one of the most prestigious positions that a person can hold in India through a competition. This makes it the most sought after job in India.
  • It provides a Job security
  • Job satisfaction which an officer can find working for people is incomparable to any other job.
  • Daily new challenges are present, that keeps you motivated
  • An opportunity to serve the society, particularly the downtrodden and underprivileged
  • A secured high salary
  • Government perks and allowances which are provided to any civil servant, cannot be received in a private sector job.
  • Respect and power

 At community level:

Muslims have been the most underprivileged community amongst the minorities in the country. The reasons vary from lack of education to lack of access to better opportunities, exclusion by the society at large, stereotype, political propaganda against the community and also the minority syndrome showed by the community itself. In the past few years, we have seen sharp increase in various kinds of violence being perpetrated on the Muslim community. The reason for such violence has been particularly identity-based and nothing else. They are being wrongly accused of crime, lynched, tortured, etc. That the higher positions in the government administration have not been occupied by the Muslims also makes it possible for such crimes to occur and remain unaddressed. These crimes have been carried out in broad daylight and with much impunity.  Need of the hour is to secure high authoritative positions in the government to ensure security to the Muslim community and help raise the social and economic conditions of the less fortunate. Civil servants in one way decide the fate of the nation as the implementation of all developmental and other government policies rest with them. Civil services provide ample opportunities to participate closely in the process of building society and to bring about positive social change.

A good honest Muslim officer can also change many stereotypes and create a positive image of the community at large. Also this will make the civil services more inclusive and egalitarian.

 At national level you’ll have the opportunities to

  • Contribute effectively in the decision making process of a country.
  • Represent the nation at world forums.
  • Maintenance of law and order.
  • Contribute in Developmental work from grass root level.
  • Disaster management etc.

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. It needs courageous, determined officers who are willing to take India to the next level of development. Poverty still haunts India as one of the biggest obstacles to development. India and the community needs bureaucrats who are ambitious to serve the greater good for the Indian society.

To thrive in such a country where development and technology are the goals and to help the country achieve the same is everyone’s dream. It is now urgent and imminent that our youth aims to be a part of the system.