Result of the Written Entrance Test for Civil Services Coaching and Schedule for Interviews on 24-25-26 July, 2021.

Based on the written test of the Entrance Examination held on 4 July, 2021, for the Free Coaching Programme for Civil Services Examination 2022, organised by Community Welfare Group, New Delhi under the aegis of Ahle-Bait Trust, Mumbai, the following 32 candidates are declared successful for appearing in the Interview for final selection.

Congratulations to all successful candidates. To those who could not qualify the written test, we would advise them to be patient and not loose heart. Be determined, try again and be successful.

Interview / Personal interaction for final selection of candidates will be held ONLINE on 24-25-26 July, 2021. Thus, the candidates need not travel to Delhi for this purpose.

The schedule, that is date and time-slot/session, of the ONLINE Interview is indicated below against the candidate’s name. The “Link” to join the Online Interview will be provided to you before the interview. The candidates should join the Online Interview using the Registered email id.

 Please be fully prepared for the interview session.

In case of any difficulty or enquiry, please contact at the following email:

 Email id:

List of successful candidates for Coaching Interview and Interview Schedule

S.No Name Date            Session
1 Sayed Sohail Jafri 24th July, 2021          (Saturday) Forenoon (10.30 am- 1.30 pm)
2 Mohd Nasr Zaidi -do- -do-
3 Mohammad Adib -do- -do-
4 Mohammad Faheem -do- -do-
5 Abrar Ali Bhat -do- -do-
6 Syed Amjid Hussain -do- -do-
7 Syed Mohammad Ali Raza -do- Afternoon (3.0 pm- 6.0 pm)
8 Syed Tawqeer Ali -do- -do-
9 Tahir Ali Mir -do- -do-
10 Syed Kumail Zaidi -do- -do-
11 Qayanat Fatima -do- -do-
12 Syed Amaan Haider 25th July, 2021           (Sunday) Forenoon (10.30 am-1.30 pm)
13 Mehdi Abbas -do- -do-
14 Sumbul -do- -do-
15 Mary Raza -do- -do-
16 Sahil Zaidi -do- -do-
17 Shozab Ghazi Naqvi -do- -do-
18 Mohd Maqbool Para -do- Afternoon (3.0 pm- 6.0 pm)
19 Ali Asghar Q -do- -do-
20 Khadim Hussain -do- -do-
21 M. Waseem Hussain Bhat -do- -do-
22 Arif Hussain (s/o Haji Sadiq) ­-do- -do-
23 Sana Aafreen 26th July, 2021           (Monday) Forenoon (10.30 am- 1.30 pm)
24 Saqib Nazir -do- -do-
25 Mohd Shazan Haider -do- -do-
26 Ali Hyder -do- -do-
27 Salman Haider Zaidi -do- -do-
28 Gulfashan Akhter -do- -do-
29 Arif Hussaain (s/o Maqbool Ahmad) -do- Afternoon (3.0 pm- 6.0 pm)
30 Ghulam Mohiuddin Deka – do- -do-
31 Tasadiq Hussain -do- -do-
32 Ajaz Ali -do- -do-